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Very Special Meetings Very Special Meetings

Sometimes children and young people can’t see the Clown Doctors at the Freeman Hospital, but would still like their help, especially if they’re finding things a little bit scary. That’s why we have Very Special Meetings with some children who have been patients at the Children’s Heart Unit.  A Very Special Meeting is an online meeting for half an hour with two of the Clown Doctors.

Very Special Meetings started when we weren’t allowed to come into hospital to help keep everyone safe in the covid-19 pandemic. Because we thought Very Special Meetings were such a great idea, we kept them going.  Sometimes your nurses will talk to your mum or dad or another grown-up who looks after you about Very Special Meetings and sometimes children and young people ask themselves. 

Would you like to have your own Very Special Meeting with the Clown Doctors? Ask your grown-up to fill in this form so we know you’re interested.

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