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Clown Doctors In Hospitals Clown Doctors In Hospitals

The Clown Doctors visit the Children’s Heart Unit at the Freeman Hospital. We’re often there visiting the patients on the ward, waiting for treatment or in clinic, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled! And sometimes we can be seen wandering down the corridors, although this usually means we’re lost.

If your nurse or play specialist thinks that you might like a visit from us, they will give us a “referral” which means that they tell us why they think you would like a visit. We will get to hear all about you, including what you like and don’t like, and how long you’ve been in hospital. Then we’ll come and see you, if we can find our way!

2021 to 2023 Report

Find out what the Clown Doctors got up to in the Children’s Heart Unit to at the Freeman Hospital in our report to our funder, CHUF. 
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